Small Changes, Big Impact – Help Sell Your Home Faster

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tulipsWhat are some of the most inexpensive ways to help your home sell faster? Follow these great tips to improve your home’s appeal and show impact!

  • Replace your switch covers. For as little as 50 cents per cover, it’s a surface that is often used and usually overlooked.
  • Quick fix a dirty microwave. Fill a microwavable bowl with water and heat for two minutes. The steam will have loosened any stains or debris for an easy wipe-down.
  • Check all of your doors. If any of them squeak, a dose of WD40 can take care of the noise.
  • Set an inviting entry, with fresh flowers, a clean welcome mat and a swept walkway.
  • One way to make a great first impression is a new doorknocker. They are shiny, clean and show off your efforts immediately.
  • Tidy your medicine cabinet. Potential buyers want to check out your home’s storage, but this also means spying on the contents of your medicine cabinet. Stow away anything private, and create an airy look at the same time.
  • New drawer pulls bring a finishing touch to your home. They are an inexpensive investment with a big impact, plus they are easy to install yourself.

Want more great tips and advice from Shorewest? Visit our Pinterest Board or contact a Shorewest agent for help to sell your home this spring.

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