Shorewest Shares: Six Tips For Curb Appeal Landscape

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Curb appeal plays an important role to your home. A well-landscaped front yard takes into account the size of your house, where it sits on the property, the amount of direct sunlight it receives, and how plants, bushes, flowers and trees can best enhance your home. Dorlan Winslow, certified landscape designer, shares her six tips for creating successful front yard landscape:

Create a focal point. Winslow says that the front yard focal point is your front door, so be sure to not hide it. When considering plants, bushes and trees, make sure they frame the door.

Set a path. “Our natural instinct is to take the most direct route to where we’re going. If you want to take your visitors on a circuitous route, be sure to plant densely along each side of your path.”

Watch planting along the foundation. Plant at least eight feet away from the foundation of your home. Remember to consider what the plant will look like in three years; don’t let them block your windows!

Add privacy. If you’re looking to add privacy to your yard, consider adding shrubs and tall bushes. If you’re trying to block the view from neighbors, add trees and shrubs strategically.

Prep for visitors. If deer are getting into your garden and eating your plants, you may need to create fencing around them.

Consider the sunlight. “Your house is a large object that will block the sun for part of every day. If your house faces north, the front yard is never going to get sunlight. Make your plant choices with your house’s orientation in mind,” says Winslow.

For more landscaping ideas, visit our Pinterest Page.

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