Host the Biggest Party of the Year!

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It’s the end of football season, which means it’s time for the biggest game of the year! Are you inviting your friends and family over to watch football and check out all the new commercials? Even if your team didn’t make it to the final game, parties for this event can be one of the most highly anticipated social gatherings of the year! Keep reading for a few last-minute ideas on how to spice up your party before your guests arrive tonight.

Space for Snacks

We all know that snacks are what really make a party, especially when it’s a party celebrating a major sporting event! Keep it simple by serving football classicsーwings, potato skins, nachos and veggie trays are a must. If you’ve asked your friends to bring something to pass, make sure that they arrive with enough time to prepare their food and that you have enough space for everything! There’s no worse feeling than not having enough outlets for the number of crock pots that your guests brought. If you’re concerned there won’t be enough room for snacks in your kitchen alone, don’t be afraid to put up a folding table in another space! Just make sure your guests know that the food is spread between two different locations.

Different Interests But All Like to Party

Maybe not everyone at your party is a major football fanーthat’s ok! Offer separate spaces for kids who want to play or people who may want to talk. Forcing everyone to stay in one room could create too much noise and leave everyone frustrated. By giving space to all of your guests, everyone is more likely to have an enjoyable time, mingle, reconnect with friends or maybe even meet someone new.

Enjoy Yourself!

The most important part of throwing a party is to enjoy yourself. Of course, you want everything to run smoothly and ensure that your guests enjoy their time at the party, but what is the point of hosting if you can’t have a little fun too. Leave some time before everyone arrives to take care of any and all last minute tasks. The last thing you want is to miss the final play of the game just because you ran out of ice! After the party starts, fill up your plate with your favorite snacks, talk with your friends and sit down to watch the game. You’ll thank yourself later when you’re able to discuss the biggest play of the night!

No matter if you love sports or if the highlight of the party is the snack table, everyone has something to look forward to on game day. For those who love to host, the end of the football season is the perfect excuse to throw the biggest party in town! If you want to host the best party of the year but don’t think your home is capable of providing you with the space you need for food and friends, contact a Shorewest, REALTOR® to get started on finding your ideal party hosting home.

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